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IGI Systems FlowStrip

FlowStrip 5 is a new concept in compact and convenient "Cable-Free" interfacing hardware for Brooks Instrument digital mass flow device series S, SLA and 4800 which have their native D15 connector mounted on their top surface.
The Flowstrip 5 provides power and USB-RS485 communication to 5 digital flow devices of type 5850, 5851, 5860, 5861. It is aimed at flow solutions where Brooks Instrument devices of the same device type and the same form-factor are employed.
Simply pre-align and mount the flow devicse on the IGI Mounting Plate and press the FlowStrip 5 into position. Secure to the flow devices via the captive screws in the two end D15 connectors in the FlowStrip 5.

The FlowStrip 5 is an out-of-the-box solution, and comes complete with IGI Mounting Plate, 24V DC external power supply and USB cable. Interface and use your Brooks Instrument digital flow devices in minutes.

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