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IGI Systems FPV Interface

As simple to use as the dIGIbox and fully compatible with the IGI multi-drop cable, the FPV Interface is
designed to provide additional functionality by adding combined analogue signal acquisition and 24V DC power to drive up to 8 pressure transducers, and a 24V DC power relay to actuate up to 8 solenoid valves.

Power to and signal from analogue pressure transducers is achieved via 4 D9 connectors, each D9 connector driving 2 pressure transducers. The 16 bit analogue to digital converter can be used for generic analogue signal acquisition from devices other than pressure transducers.

The 24V DC relay power is supplied to up to 8 solenoid valves via a 16 port terminal strip and the maximum current is 2A per relay channel. The 8 channel 24V DC relay outputs are not limited to solenoid valves and they can be used to actuate other devices and Solid State Relays to apply power to external devices.

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