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LAB Interface Software Application and Process Interface Hardware

IGI Systems LAB Interface Software is an integrated suite of software which forms the basis of all our standard and custom systems. It originated mainly from the need to provide solutions for interfacing, controlling and logging data from Brooks Instrument digital S-Protocol flow devices, and it continues to evolve to meet new application requirements.

The aim is a simple to use out-of-the-box solution with USB connectivity and the requirement of a single PC hardware driver to ease installation, use and maintenance. This aim has been realised and it currently is employed in many locations around the world to run custom flow and instrument systems day-in day-out in many research environments.

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It accommodates a range of other devices including:-

1) Photon Counting detection systems
2) Temperature Controllers
3) Temperature measurement
4) Pressure measurement/control
5) Digital input/output (TTL & custom voltages)
6) Relay control for solenoid valves and external devices
7) Analogue to Digital conversion
8) Digital to Analogue conversion
9) Liquid flow control/monitoring
10) Mixed gas-liquid flow applications

Lab Interface is very easy to configure and use:-

Complete the simple Process Recipe Builder spreadsheet to define pre-programmed timed (deterministic) set point changes for flow rates, temperatures, valve states and digital outputs. Save the Process Recipe as a file for future usage or editing. Let your PC control your process or experiment.

All system observables and status are logged automatically in a text file (comma delimited) which can be opened in all common spreadsheet applications e.g. Microsoft Excel.

Current status information for all components is available on screen so you will know immediately if a fault occurs.

The software can be run as standard for most user applications, but we will also modified it to meet your specific needs such as interlocking and feed-back process automation. Just define what you need to do and we will work with you to define a solution.

One of our specialities is designing and building Process Interface custom systems tailored to your specifications for your process, experimental or R&D systems. The Process Interface is housed in a 3U 19" rack or benchtop box. By using the hardware components outlined in 1-10 above we have a wide range of hardware & the LAB Interface software tool to provide solutions to your research needs and problems. If you specify the cables required we will deliver a truly plug-and-play system.

Process Interface by IGI Systems






LAB Interface and Process Interface are designed for control of systems upwards of the one second timescale. For example, it controls the supply of reagents into reactors. We will also integrate your third-party analytical instrumentation or custom built instrumentation for very fast optical measurements down to the nanosecond timescale. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and see the Process Interface DataSheet.

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