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We have expertise in designing flow systems, Vacuum Chambers, and Pumping Systems commonly used in Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry laboratories and field instruments. Examples of our services include:-

Complete build of gas flow systems from design to Helium leak testing.

Brooks Instrument Support

We provide a range of standard and custom solutions for Brooks Instrument Digital Smart Mass Flow controllers/meters in terms of software applications and interfacing via RS485.

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Perkin Elmer - MP-RS232

We supply (under licence) software to PerkinElmer for use with their MP-RS232 Photon Counting Modules. This software is available from our download page. If you require additional functionality or modifications please contact us.

IGI Systems Ltd


IGI Systems was formed in 2004 as a result of a long-standing collaboration between scientists and engineers working in the field of gas-phase physical chemistry. We have a very broad skill-set to apply to your research needs and problems.

After using Brooks Instrument 5850S digital mass flow controllers for many years in the research environment, one of our first projects as IGI Systems involved the integration of 12 Brooks Instrument 5850S flow controllers into an automated catalytic test system for a UK university research group, and since then one of our main areas has been the design and delivery of standard and custom digital gas flow systems based around the Brooks Instrument range of flow devices. We standardised our combined USB-RS485 and 24V DC power supply hardware (BRS485) and a sub-set of our software (LAB Interface) into a stand-alone turn-key system which is was recently licensed to Brooks Instrument and is available exclusively via their distribution network as the "0260" hardware and "Brooks Smart Interface" software package (see http://www.brooksinstrument.com/flowmeter-flowcontroller-products/coriolis-thermal-mass-flow/secondary-electronics.html).

After developing a PC software interface for Perkin-Elmer Optoelectronics for their MP-RS232 module (view MP-RS232 datasheet), we signed a licensing agreement to allow free downloads of the software from our website. We have since extended this software to incorporate it into our LAB Interface software and hardware where it is coupled with digital gas flow from Brooks Instrument and a range of valve control and pressure/temperature measurements and is currently in use with the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Climate Science (CIAC), SCIC, Toledo, Spain (www.ciac.jccm-csic.es) to drive field-instruments using the Atomic Resonance Fluorescence technique to detect atmospheric concentrations of halogen atoms. View publication.

Our aim is to provide easy-to-use out-of-the-box solutions with full PC software for control and process automation, and to support our products as if we were the users. We are very flexible and we will design and build to your requirements with as many additional instruments you specify from temperature/pressure measurement/control, ADC, DAC, DIO and valve control, to the integration of instrumentation required for chemical or physical analyses. We will also support the use of our products and provide responses/solutions to any issues within 24 hours.

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