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We have expertise in designing flow systems, Vacuum Chambers, and Pumping Systems commonly used in Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry laboratories and field instruments. Examples of our services include:-

Complete build of gas flow systems from design to Helium leak testing.

Perkin Elmer - MP-RS232

We supply (under licence) software to PerkinElmer for use with their MP-RS232 Photon Counting Modules. This software is available from our download page. If you require additional functionality or modifications please contact us.

IGI Systems & Brooks Instrument

We use, support and intergrate Brooks Instrument digital flow devices because after many years of using them day-in day-out in the laboratory and on field work (e.g. on research aircraft and ships, in tropical rainforests, and inside the Arctic Circle) we know that they are very reliable and very robust in a wide range of demanding environments. We now supply software and hardware under licence for resale and distribution by Brooks Instrument (0260 hardware interface, Brooks Smart Interface 0260 (© IGI Systems Ltd) and BrooksDLL software (© IGI Systems Ltd)), and we also supply our own interfacing hardware solutions (see dIGIbox, FlowStrip5, FPV Interface, FP Interface, Multidrop Cables and Process Interface custom systems).

The Brooks 0260 is a rebranding of our original BRS485 interface hardware and it is an out-of-the-box solution for networking and powering Brooks digital mass flow devices. It is manufactured by IGI Systems in the UK.






Brooks Smart Interface 0260 software is derived from the digital flow sub-set of our LAB Interface software, and again provides an out-of-the-box solution for PC control and automation of set points for Brooks digital flow devices.

BrooksDLL is a PC tool for systems integrators to add Brooks digital flow devices into their LABview software application with no need to know anything about the Brooks S-Protocol.

We also provide the IGIDLL which works in just the same way as BrooksDLL but covers the non-flow areas of our products (e.g. T3300 Temperature Controller and the pressure and valve components of our FPV Interface, FP Interface and Process Interfaces)

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