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We have expertise in designing flow systems, Vacuum Chambers, and Pumping Systems commonly used in Physical and Atmospheric Chemistry laboratories and field instruments. Examples of our services include:-

Complete build of gas flow systems from design to Helium leak testing.

Brooks Instrument Support

We provide a range of standard and custom solutions for Brooks Instrument Digital Smart Mass Flow controllers/meters in terms of software applications and interfacing via RS485.

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Perkin Elmer - MP-RS232

We supply (under licence) software to PerkinElmer for use with their MP-RS232 Photon Counting Modules. This software is available from our download page. If you require additional functionality or modifications please contact us.

How we do it...

Maintaining strong service and support is essential to us. Our products have been used in research for many years and we know they are reliable and robust, but on rare occasions things may go wrong. If you encounter problems email or pick up the phone…

If anything does go wrong with our standard products please contact us immediately. If there is a known solution available we will sort it by return email or phone call, otherwise it is highly likely we will have a spare unit available we will ship it next day if required to keep your process working whilst we repair your device.

If anything goes wrong with our custom products please also contact us immediately. If you encounter bugs in software for custom solutions we will fix them immediately, and being honest you will likely encounter a bug or two; we aim to flush-out bugs in software testing, but a small number will sneak through. We try to keep spare hardware components for custom systems, but we can not always maintain a full list. If we don't have them in stock we can obtain spares within a few days for basic process components (e.g. temperature controllers), but for more specialist parts (e.g. MPRS232 modules) we are limited by the lead time of the manufacturer.

IGI Systems Drivers

USB-Serial Driver
This driver is for use with all IGI Systems hardware. Unzip and run the executable file to install the driver. If you are using and IGI Systems interface for the first time please install the USB-Serial Driver before connecting the interface to your PC via the USB cable. If you are already using an IGI Systems interface and you are adding further interfaces to your system you will not need to install this driver again.
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LAB Interface Software USB Dongle Driver
This driver is for use with the LAB Interface Software application. Unzip and run the executable file to install the driver. Please install the driver before you plug the dongle into a USB port.
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What some of our customers have said...

"We had forgotten we had it as it's been so reliable. Since we started using it we've never had to touch it."
Mark Stevens, Calibration of Humidity Measuring Instruments, National Physical Laboratory, UK.
(Custom system of USB-RS485 digital flow interface with additional 6 Channels of ADC to record hygrometer voltage signals)

"We've been delighted with the software and interface. The students find it easy to use, and being able to set up a program of timed gas flow set point changes has been perfect for our experiments (on enzymes with gaseous substrates)."
Dr Kylie Vincent, Senior Research Fellow at Jesus College Oxford, Royal Society University Research Fellow and RCUK Academic Fellow, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, University of Oxford, UK.
(dIGIbox and Lab Interface Software)

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